Nauman bin Thabit, also knows as 'Imam Abu Hanifa is the founder of Hanafi School of Law.


There are three different opinions regarding His date of birth.

  • He was born in 80 AH.
  • He was born in 70 AH.
  • He was born in 61 AH.

Family Tree

Imam Abu Hanifa was from a Persian Descent. His family tree is given as "Nauman bin Thabit bin Zutaa bin Maah"


According to Jallaludin Suyuti, the following Hadith refereed to Imam Abu Hanifa.

If the Deen went to the chandelier, then a man from the people of Persia (or sons of Persia) will get it from their"Esteemed Beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

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